'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm on what I hope will be performance-enhancing drugs.

My persistent cough has gotten to be quite a problem, particularly when it comes to sleeping, so today (partly spurred by Bert's nudging) I went to the doc's.  My regular doc wasn't there, but another doc she was in med school with yearsnyears ago was, and got me.  It was cool what he shared about her personally; I get the impression he has a deep fondness for her, whereas I have a decided but not deep one.

Anyhoo, he ordered up both the codeine cough syrup I was hoping for and an aggressive quick hit of steroids, predicting I'd feel better by tonight.  And here I am, and the sun isn't even down, and I definitely feel a lot better than I have in over a week.  It's like the insides of my lungs have calmed down.  Maybe I'll sleep well tonight too.  :)

And maybe I'll be able to sing notes above F above middle C without feeling like I'm doing myself damage.  And maybe my diaphragm will get some much-needed time off.  (Here I don't mean the birth-control kind of diaphragm.)

Speaking of birth control, it seems a little weird to me that IUDs are common/okay, after the whole IUDs messing people up thing, yearsnyearsago.  I'm clearly not real up on these things, but that mental shift has been slow for me.


My grandmother, if she were still alive, would be the 6th oldest person in the world.

This thought makes me cough, if post hoc = propter hoc.

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