'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The other night in my fever I was composing a post for you in my head.

It was going to be the Top Ten Things About [some version of being sick and up semi-delirious in the night]. They were going to be in 1--10 order instead of the traditional countdown format, and the last or next-to-last was going to be about how you don't care enough to worry about things like using the traditional format, fuck it. I swear some of them were sorta funny.

It's a gorgeous day out there. I'm under the weather next to the marvelous weather.

A nap seems called for. A nap calls to me. "Lisa...," says the potential nap, enticingly, but not overselling it. "Liiiiiissuhhhhhhh...., ........"

I haven't felt like watching movies or reading or playing buttons & scissors or 2048 or blek or quell or finishing what i need to to have a pet store for the sims so i can quit that. It's pretty strange in the middle of two busy weeks to find myself in the sloggy amorphous experience of time. Quiet. Slow. Maybe about time to force down another glass of water.

The fever has largely diminished. The elevated heart rate, discovered accidentally, too. Glands still goin' crazy tho. No appetite. Eyeballs still sore. I really dislike having sore eyeballs. My whole face and neck hurt too, for that matter. Is there something about stating one's symptoms out loud? Why is it I want to? It's funny that I want to.

"Mom, I don't feeel good...."

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