'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


E. stopped by Sat. night, though I was still sick, bringing dinner (I had been planning to cook for us). We watched Lost in La Mancha---a disappointment, but I suppose it's hard for a documentary about a film project petering out not to have its own feeling of petering out. I do think I would have liked the Quixote that Gilliam was working on, though. And you diehard Johnny Depp fans might even like this piece, though he's not in it a tremendous amount, just cuz he's himself. See what he looked like here:

with Gilliam
with Terry G., who's got that great hat

sly and streaked
looking sly, with streaks in his hair

smoking SOMEthin'

It was good to hang with E. Hadn't seen her in a while.

Then last night E. happened to be in town. (Different E.---atleastdefiant, actually.) She came by and hung out and crashed and went to breakfast with me before my short work day today. Work held interesting news (to break next week)---a mixed bag, but overall good, I guess---you take what you can get. And then after work I went to begin to deal with the car insurance situation. Maybe more about that later in a protected entry. Suffice to say, I deserve kudos, and I'm still going out of my way to be nice to the woman.

Now I'm off work for a while. Hallelujah, you should pardon my sacrilege, it's good.

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