'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

in the muddle of the night

Typing my creepy-scary dream into my phone just now, I produced that typo. It was the middle of the night in the dream too.

Thinking of the "if"/"of" typo I am so plagued by here (phone), I wonder how long it will be before the qwerty keyboard arrangement is no longer the smart phone keying layout. It may be that we/humanity (soon or soon-ish) won't even be keying character-by-character, I suppose.

This is the week I've also been haunted by the lollipop rendering. Is that the title of a spy novel or something? No. But it could be. Maybe with a kindergarten teacher as the hero. I say "also" here (above) because the creepy dream has a haunting element. Maybe. I don't really know what all it's saying, but I know its emotional flavors, as well as the people/players/figures involved, and I wrote it down so I won't forget it. No matter how much I think I'll later recall much or most of a vivid dream, I almost always seem to lose it, along with the recollections of having had and having recalled it, by the next day, even if I try to fix it in my head with thought. I might just suddenly recall that I had a dream with x person in it, when I see or think of or talk to x person, say.

Do you remember your dreams? Do you try to? Want to? What kind of dreams do you have? What kind do you like having? How often do you fly in your dreams, suddenly remembering that you have the ability, just by leaning slightly to the front, a little on tiptoe, and believing you can? How often do you want to go back to sleep to see if you can pick up where you left off in a dream you were enjoying? That happens less often to me than it used to, and not just because I now know how rarely it works.

Answer any/all/other dream questions below, if you'd like.

I'll remember tomorrow that I dreamed. But I might not remember until I see it again that I posted this, in the muddle of the night.

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