'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Didn't take much.

Today going to brunch and putting laundry in, with a few other minor operations, has utterly sapped me. Last night was a late night, so there's that, but geez. Can't help but think it'd be less this way if it weren't still cold out. It's still cold out. Where are our anomalously warm one or two here or there?

Have an ensemble rehearsal later. "Mister Sandman." In which the lesbians all wish for a lover with hair like Liberace.

Okay they're not all lesbians.

Really I kinda think we're either beings lesbians or we're not. It's a doing more than a being. It's just that sociologically being wiling to be known to be willing or wanting to be doing lesbian means signing on to be regarded and treated in a set of ways that have an identity sort of element, and there's also how it does say something about someone's personality when she's willing to do lesbianing, tho what it says varies not only with each of us but with our age/era/generation.

I don't really know what I'm saying here however. Typing with one forefinger on the phone in my post-brunch stupor.

Meanwhile the dog really does seem to think we're due for more than a walk around the neighborhood. And it's Sunday, so I oughta get her some runnin' before the workweek is underway again.

Somebody on facebook posted how parents of "neurotypical" kids look at "special needs" kids and think "Wow that must be hard" but they actually have no idea how hard. This post annoyed me. It reminds me of a song in a TV commercial that was apparently from what I can tell quickly with my phone taken from a Tom Paxton song. It went My dog's faster than your dog; my dog's bigger than yours. My dog's better cuz he eats Ken-L Ration. My dog's better than yours.

I mean, what is the purported purpose of this consciousness raising, getting on social marketing to point out to other parents that your lot is worse with your special needs child, who at least I hope isn't reading this shit, but surely picks up on the whole hand-to-forehead biz? In this iteration it's not enough to have it worse, but it must be asserted that the other people, despite what they may think, are ignorant of how very very bad it is. So not only are the special needs parents having it harder tan everyone else, but they're savvier than those others too, who also must benefit from not being burdened with the wisdom of how fortunate they are.

I dunno. Just seems like a lotta crap to me, and more offensive crap than a lot of the other crap. Cuz of how I imagine that attitude might affect those actual kids, who are supposedly being so very cared about. And how it stinks of a sick sort of satisfaction in pathology/-izing.

Plus "neurotypical." Puhleez.

Of course I thought of that post cuz I'm getting ready to pull myself together to get my not-child out to have her not particularly special needs met, and it feels hard. Ha.

Gonna be hard to motivate to stand and cook when we get back, while the laundry dries, before I go out again. Sometimes I envy the dog her frequent and regular naptimes.

Gas station. More trash out. Somethin' else... what was the somethin' else?


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