'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

They probably won't go for it.

I just emailed my queertet (as we're calling it this week) with an idea of a song we could audition for the show of songs about dreams of an aspirational sort. The chorus in general is doing lots of slow ballady sincere pretty stuff, so we're trying to think of upbeat or up-tempo numbers. So I proposed we start out with each of us in turn singing our first notes, slowly, in build-a-chord tune-up harmonizer fashion, and then launch into a 4-part version of "I Wanna Be Sedated."

This song, I bet, has rarely been done with harmony at all, let alone 4 parts.

They probably won't go for it. I even tried to anticipate the objection that it aspires to numbing with the observation that it doesn't advocate numbing generally or broadly but is simply a snapshot of one moment of feeling the aspiration to be numbed.

Like you might want to go to sleep and wake up and have all the snow gone. Something like that. It's a capturing of a particularly human state of longing. And a few people in the audience would probably absolutely love it.

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