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Lazy day, this MLK Day, capping off my recovery from the chorus concerts and all the physical and emotional workouts they brought. It's a good kind of tired. My dog is on the couch snoring, and that is a peaceful sound.

I chose to take only a small step socially yesterday, and I'm good with that. I haven't had a shower since before the second show, despite dancing in a winter coat (because, as was said, I'm that devoted to my art). Another cold snap is about upon us. I dunno. These are just some thoughts.



Talking to people about things, about people.

Somebody who saw our show contacted me on facebook. She'd wanted to talk to me afterwards but said I was too swamped with friends & she didn't want to interrupt. Later she said all kinda of weirdly good stuff about her impression of me, based on how I seemed on stage. This is a strange thing to have happen. It's kinda the last thing you expect. Only of course not actually the last thing or even near it, from the set of all things one could expect, so what a ridiculous expression.

I saw American Hustle yesterday. My companion was struck by the tenderness two characters had toward each other. The film had a tender kind of fondness for its laughably '70s-dated struggling personalities. The last little bit of the film involves two kinds of freedom, and the less plot-based and more character-based one was especially sweet.

The dog says it's time to go to bed. Maybe she's right.

Back to regular work tomorrow, after all. And no shop holidays again until Memorial Day.

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