'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

just had a flash of summer feeling

What could that be about?  Old summer feeling.  Summer feeling like I'm a kid, only not a real young kid, but a kid who still looks forward to getting outside, and feeling alive out there.

Very strange.  What was in that apple I just ate.

I've been the only one in the room at work since the only other one left hours ago.  The other room has almost everyone in.  It's weird.

The summer feeling has a tasting the air thing.  A flashback kind of tasting the air thing.

Suzanne just came by and made the lights come on.  We had some laughs.  It's a very jovial, conversational gang, the between-the-holidays workers.

I want to go outside into the summer of my youth, and I don't care if I'm not young in it.  What would I do out there?  I was a runner around with the best of 'em.  Who wants to play kickball?  Anybody?

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