'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

what I want less not to do

Mochi has about 100 of the planned 150 ml of fluid in her, and she's forgiven me quickly, rubbing up against me and wanting to play, and now sitting in the open window I couldn't resist giving her.  The needle came out three times, and after the third I decided to call it enough, even before I remembered that the tech suggested not sticking her more than twice with the same needle.  Could it be that she's be feeling livelier so quickly, after only maybe 5 or 10 minutes under the bed?  In any case, I'm glad I've gotten it done, and reckon it'll go more smoothly next time, or at least in coming times, and I just hope her blockage doesn't take over & kill her before I have a chance to get good at this thing.  In that regard, I want to be sticking needles in this cat many more times.

This is my last day off for a while.  I'm making good use of it, I think.  It was a pretty nice morning, not too cold, not much wind, some actual sunshine.  Getting ready to do the thing with the cat, which I decided to use the kitchen counter for, cuz it's a good height, I could hang the IV up on a cabinet handle with my nifty new S hook from Lowe's at 9:45 last night which is a nice time to be in Lowe's, and I don't mind if she has negative connotations with the kitchen counter, cuz that's not okay territory for the kitties anyway, I started by clearing a spot, and then I discovered that I'd rather clean the kitchen in ways I'm not usually drawn to tend to (the stovetop, cleaning out part of a cabinet, wiping down some cabinet fronts so they look less like Kurt Cobain's cabinets in Last Days) than try to pick up my shy cat and poke her with a needle for the first time.

So that's what I meant by the subject line.  You know.  That thing about unappealing tasks look more appealing with another even more unappealing task on deck.

I oughta take a shower soon, while the dog's still sleeping off the morning.  Maybe I'll have time to go out for some errands before going out tonight.

I like runs more than groups in Rummikub (and gin rummy too, I think) (though they're more, like, stressful there).  They're more fun than groups, aren't they?  I know you all have opinions about this.  (Ha.)

There's a squirrel making its way along a ridge of snow at the side of the dirt road out there.  Mo is watching intently, yet a whole lot more peacefully than Lu regards a squirrel.

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