'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Chorus was pretty great tonight.

I took the dog for a pretty long walk afterwards, considering how late it was, and how cold, and how she'd already had plenty of exercise today.

"Masters of Sex" is getting tense, as interpersonal conflicts start to come to the surface.

My kitty cat Mochi, I realize I haven't said for the "public" here, is still alive.  She still seems to be feeling better than she did when I took her in, though she shows some signs of not being fully well.  Have to consult with the vet about what's next in terms of palliative care and what to be watching for, but it's not looking good for her in any version of the long run.  Meanwhile she is more affectionate than usual and sometimes still interested in playing fetch, which she taught me.

I've told several people now the bit of wisdom handed to me recently about the opposite of neglect, and what it's not, and what it is.  I'm still floored at how much I feel I've learned in that one little nugget.  And it makes perfect sense to me, now that I understand more about my relationship to neglect, that it sinks so deeply into me.  That it rings so true.  That it means so much.

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