'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Our coming bike share program is having a naming contest.

I can only submit 5.  Here's my initial brainstorm.  Any of these seem to you worthy of submission?  Moreover, got any others you'd like me to enter and then thank you if I win with?

Communal Wheels
A2 Spokes
A2 Bike Share
SpokesNet Ann Arbor
Common Spokes
Spokes in Common
Spokes Collective
Mass Spokes
Mass Transit via Bicycles Shared by Citizens of Our Fine City
Pass It Around
Don't Bogart That Bike
A2 Spokes People
Spokes for Folks
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Shared Tires for the People
Peoples' Bikes
A2 Peops' Bikes
Spokes Ann Arbor
Where'd I Park That Thing
Check it Out Bike-Wise-Speaking
Bring Your Own Helmet
Spokes for A2 Folks
Pull Over Right Now, You
Sharin' and Wayfarin'
Ride and Glide but Don't Deride
A2 Joyride
A2 Bike Pool
A2 Spokes Pool
A2 Pedal Pool
Pedal Together
Wheelie Good Idea
Diversified Ride
Cycle Share
Folks Cycle
Two Wheels at a Time for 100,000 People But Only Say 10,000 Would Even Be Interested

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