'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I keep forgetting I'm screening for the film festival.

It's all online now, so there's no dropping by the office for cases of discs.  So I said yes and got my first "case" online, but I forget until I come back to the computer to see that I have that window open.  It's hard not to see this forgetting as indicating a lack of enthusiasm on my part.  I'll manage to get through this set of 40 before my deadline, but maybe I won't keep taking another set as soon as I finish with one.

Rainy day today.  I kinda liked it.  Got done the grocery shopping, long put off.  Well, I got part of it done.  Forgot a few things, need to go to TJ's for a few others.  Skipped an evening activity in town.  Which was good, cuz I re-discovered sooner that I'm screening for the film fest, and got a few shorts in.  Plus I made a decent dinner.

What I really want to talk about is interpersonal relationships (always) and experiential avoidance (which I've been reading about) and the way my mind keeps coming back to the same stuff and the snips of vamp-like song that I catch it in (my mind, that is) and engagement & flow but I guess I also should mention the way left-right body symmetry and OCD came up in a character in one of these shorts I just watched.  He's a copy editor.  And we've already figured out that he's a little off when the moment comes that I see all too easily what's next, when he's been hurt on one hand and is staring at his hands because....  yes.... he wants to hurt the other one, for symmetry.

Quirky is sort of a polite word, isn't it.  Our quirky minds.  That's what she called them.

Both my quirky mind and my crazy heart are also in the mix with my self-abandoning drive toward even an illusion, if it's a good hit.  Besides, there really are real people involved.  She says.

Going to the storyslam this week, or gonna get in line early at least, hope to get in.  The topic:  Rules.  I don't have a story in mind, but maybe I'll come up with one tomorrow.  It seems like I oughta show up with a story & put my name in the hopper, take my chances.  Just cuz.

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