'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Chorus starts tonight.

This is my third year, so it's the second time I've come back after the summer off.  That means I've already done returning member night once, and somehow that seems like that means I'm a seasoned member.

Had an IHOP meal last night with striking conversation and gluten.  The gluten wasn't striking, just the conversation.  At first I wasn't going to eat all the gluten, and then there was the gluten, sitting there on the plate, in what used to be the right proportions of gluten to the-rest-of-the-food, and I was still hungry, and there was the gluten, so the gluten was then eaten by me.  All the gluten.  Such glutenny.  Glutenous maximus.  Yes, I think "gluten" is funny to say (and imagine in my head I'm saying, over and over).

Sort of like "Glebe Road."

Hey, that's me thinking about the sound of words.  That's connected to getting ready for chorus--- sound.

I'm a little simple-minded today, here and there, like now, and that's okay.  I like it.

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