'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

my second


Got this bowtie in the mail this morning.  Remembered how to tie it more easily than I'd have guessed I would, several days down the road from my lessons.

The list of addresses for the Postcard Poetry Festival came out today.  Of my 31 people to send one to, only 3 are abroad.  I love the off-the-cuff element of the rules/instructions.  Write it right on the card--- that is, compose it while writing it on the card.  Fits with the going-with-it in-the-moment aesthetic I've been making my personal poetical Zeitgeist for a bit now, despite, yes, still having an impulse to edit, and not being unhappy about that.

In other news, I've been reading those old letters of Denise's.  It's been quite something.  It's grabbing me, what they're doing to me, saying to me, whispering and singing and gently teasing, patting me on the back with a kind smile (or spurring me to wrap myself up in my own arms), occasionally sending a chill up or down or both & all along my spine, and playing little games with my hearts, physiological and other.  But only little games.  I know so much more now that I once did, about me, about things, about love, about how to tie a bowtie.

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