'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"Carlotta" must be the rubber chicken.

"She" can go in the giveaway pile.

The Nerf football is safe.

I now understand the down side of cornstarch packing peanuts. I remember thinking how very green I was, ordering them for the bookstore from ULINE.

The bankers boxes of my mother's, packed by her, revealed that she had anticipated this little disaster, despite it occurring some 16 years after she died. Their contents were themselves contained within plastic bags. I can set them aside to deal with later.

A box she labeled "Lisa's papers – sorted by her" wasn't very badly compromised, nor were the letters from others to me, from the 1980s. I left the lid off that one, and they're airing out. About a third of that box are letters from Denise. "Denny." Maybe I'll be reading those soon.

The box of papers with the most damage contained papers of mine from high school, jr. high, and elementary school (the MD years).  I moved them to a laundry basket and will be going through them, at least some, tonight. On the top was a piece of cardboard featuring a carefully labeled unit circle.

Faux alas, Holly's college papers are a total loss. But I didn't even know I still had those. :-). There was also more hammered aluminum in the basement than the considerable amount I'd found before.

I was happy to find the clunky hand ice crusher we got in Kansas. Also I discovered this classic item, mint in box — the collectors' edition videotape of the movie Fargo, with the commemorative snow globe. Yeah, Frances McDormand kneeling in the snow next to the body with the overturned car in the background.

Now to comb out my hair and sit in front of the fan, with papers from my youth. Oh my.


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