'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

today's midday adventure for the dog

today's midday adventure for the dog was a trip halfway down the block and back and a ride to the gas station.  will i take her for a swim tonight before socializing?  i am not sure.

as i was typing that, pearl came into the office.

i am a puzzlement.  such stuff goes on in me as i can barely follow myself.  sometimes can't.  not really, or not in real time.

reminds me a little how i'm still trying to sort my reactions to lorrel's use of "m.o."  at first i only knew it set something off in me.  that's an important thing to notice and take some reckoning of, i figure.

to be waylaid and taken over at the drop of a hat is quite possibly a sign of addiction.

wait here we go

good idea


nothing against the marginal, but

here we go.




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