'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

nature speaks, var. 3-b: it's hot and muggy

had occasion to be downtown today, where folks are setting up booths for art fair.  my but it's thick-aired and sapping, particularly in the sun.

saw a small dead bird on the sidewalk.  saw a small dead bird on a sidewalk sunday.  hope there isn't something making small birds fall, dead, from the sky.  hope it's not a bad omen either, i guess, but it seems more like a small sample than an omen.  one's enough for an omen, after all.  i don't imagine omenmeisters noticing i didn't get the message and sending it again, in the same form.

tried to call neighbor susan to sing her happy birthday.  she's up north.  it was her afternoon nap time.

so the weather seems to indicate we'll get a softball game in tonight.  so it'll be in the high 80s and humid.  yeah, not so fun, comparatively.  but if anything there's more need to show up tonight, cuz we need at least 9, preferably 10.  besides, i like to show up.  maybe it'll be too hot for bugs in the outfield?  maybe we'll get three outs sometimes without having to be out there for half an hour?

an acquaintance on facebook thinks this is clever:  "If Mama Cass had shared a sandwich with Karen Carpenter, they might both still be alive..."

well, back to work.  i rather feel i owe the ol' shop a little bonus nose-to-grindstone for providing me with air-conditioning during the day.

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