'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Deirdre and Norman got married.

Deirdre and Norman have recently gotten married, facebook tells me. But not to each other. Each to the longterm same-legal-gender partner they now can marry in Maryland. The function of this kind of marriage in the social (or at least social media) realm seems to be a sort of combination of celebration of social progress (maybe with a little gotta-take-advantage now that [or while] we can) and a "phew, got that taken care of" of personal business as much as a celebration of their union. It's like their union itself is old business, and in that respect more like a second taking of vows, as people do sometimes. Except when people "renew" their vows, isn't that sometimes because, like, there was a rift (as in after someone cheating) and they're giving a boost to the new-start thing? Or maybe it's on an anniversary, like look-how-long-we've-been-together, or maybe they didn't get the original ceremony/hoo-ha they wanted, and now they're gonna?

All I'm really trying to say is that this kind of Deirdre got married, Norman got married--- it's a different sort of thing from other somebody-got-marrieds.

Do I need to be cut off on hyphens for a while? Maybe I need to be cut off on hyphens for a while.

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