'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's pretty wild, the Exodus International thing.

I just read the whole apology.  I feel a little stunned.  It's one person, I suppose, really.  Shutting down the organization or not.  Such a flurry of feeling I have reading it, though, I'm having a hard time sorting them out to see what they are.

Wouldn't have thought when I was a kid that people'd be getting gay married and having it recognized by any state.  That's been a surprise.  Somehow this ex-gay pusher recanting is surprising in a deeper way, though it's probably not all that surprising, logically.  I'm not even sure why it feels significant to me.  Something about how it's hard to process seems to suggest, though, that it has some significance.

Of course it may also be low blood sugar and a relative lack of sleep last night.

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