'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

car wash yeah

The last time I took my car in for a download of the tracking info the U's been gathering on me for its cars-talking-to-each-other thing they sent me away with a code for 4 free car washes at a place on the north side of town.  I thought I had it on my dashboard, and was saving it for after my car door ding and window thing got fixed.  Turns out I lost it.

So just now I emailed the guy who schedules appointments, telling him my sad story, and asking whether he might see his way clear to shoot me a replacement code.  And he did!

It's a small thing.  But it's a nice thing.

Poll #1917147 Car Wash Question

Which is more fun?

going through a car wash as a little kid
going through a car wash with a little kid
going through a car wash with a (new) lover
none of these are fun
hello Lisa

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