'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm just posting to post.


Got a lot done this morning, but rather slogging now.  Boo.

Talking to squirrelykat's friend about my fence problem.  Back looking at city regs.  It's confusing.  If I'm interpreting them right, there's no way I could replace the falling-down fence with anything like it, nor put a dog-containing (higher than 30") fence within 50 feet of it.  50 feet is a freakin' lot.  This is all about how I technically live on a street corner, though it's more like the corner of a dirt alley and a shared dirt driveway.  I think it's legal to fix the fence, and I think I could get away with putting up better casual chicken-wirey wire where there is some now, and stringing wire fence elsewhere so's to have dog containment.  Then I could work out there while the dog's out there, beat back the jungle a little.  It all seems such a fantasy, but maybe I can make it happen after all.

I even have a feeling it could help me with bringing the dog's training along to new levels.

So much more I could write of, probably would've in the old days of this community-ish bloggy dealie.

Gotta go move my car from 2-hour parking.

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