'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

slogging toward 40 hours

The hot water heater guy this morning was quick, upshot I may have another plumbing issue but maybe not, maybe it was just the settings, we shall see. Maybe the last plumbing guy changed a setting; seems likely, if water heater guy's logic holds.

So I wasn't all that late, and I made the midday break quick, but dang, ... I'm ready to get outta here.

Might do a little notebook writing tonight. After maybe the dog park. Went to the cinema last night for something unusual; that was a good thing. Feel a little dizzied by life of late. This time of day I often seem to want to go straight home to bed, a night really early to sleep, just to recover a little, but it never works out that way.

What I'd really like right now is to be sitting across a table in a diner with someone who's known me for most of my life, dipping french fries in ketchup and talking about nothing in particular.

Tags: via ljapp

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