'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Periodically I imagine transitioning to being a morning person.

Dropped my houseguest off early today at the depot; she's training to Iowa for the week. We stayed up a late with Victor/Victoria and a hunk of The Music Man, and the getting up wasn't easy, but even bleary-eyed it was kinda cool to be driving into town in the dark, nobody at the meters yet, early enough to the office to get a sweet spot in the little strip of all-day-okay out front.

Was talking yesterday to some somewhat younger people about not being able to have caffeine late in the day without then being unable to sleep, and how that wasn't the case before, and seems to be something that happens with age. We talked more of things that happen with age. Then O and I were talking of the getting up earlier thing. I reckon that's the trajectory, overall, right? Anyway it's cool to be up early. Get a lot of the business day out of the way in the a.m.  I'm still not fully on board with the going to sleep early part, however.

Human company at the residence is nice.  This phenomenon/feeling/notion is something I've remembered a lot more this past year or so.  This weekend, though, there was the additional pleasure of spending some time with locals I don't usually spend time with.  That's left me feeling pretty good too.  I was jonesing a little too, otherwise, I realized periodically.  If you will.  Even if that's not really the best metaphor for it.  Let myself feel that, too, mostly, and not try to do anything about it, mostly.

Noticed the incidental (tone-setting/"background") music in Victor/Victoria more last night.  Henry Mancini, O pointed out, like The Pink Panther that way, evocative with the sound design, though I bet they weren't calling it sound design yet then.  Also, though, in the lyrically sparse (and simple/straight, compared to the other tunes) "Crazy World," how about his saying that that crazy world is "full of crazy contradictions, like a child"?  Like a child.  I mean, yeah, and nice way of pointing it toward the affectionate way of taking the crazy & contradictory.  But how'd he come up with that choice?  Was he just rhyming "wild"?

It's not really a great song or anything.  Probably it has its impact mainly cuz it's slow and Julie's just in her simple dress-up boy drag and then something about the mood at that point of the story.  It's probably when things look iffy for the romance.  Plus maybe it's getting late and you're tired and the dog's curled up snoring and Manny's in a ball on your houseguest and even Mochi comes out periodically (only to be chased off by the pup) and songs can be nice.
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