'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

closing that book

Just finished that paper journal I started in the middle of 2008. Feels like it happened at a good point. I zipped over to Hollander's this afternoon to see what they have in (letter sheets and) journals, but didn't buy anything. Turns out I did have another journal on deck: a large ruled Moleskine, still in shrinkwrap, bought at Borders < demise. Not as pretty as my silky Paperblanks French Ornate in green with the magnetic strap closure, bought at the gift shop of the NYC Public Library. But good. Feels like a fine next way to go.

Remembered suddenly just now Tim showing me pictures tonight of the guy he thought might be the stalker, at his gym. The high-pitched voice was the red flag.

I have some new mantras that don't have anything to do with meditation. They're rocking my world.

So cold tonight. Cold all the rest of February. Lips chapped. Where's the goo.

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