'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

haven't written much.

want to write more.

finished a report today & am rockin the galleys. have some bonus proofreading to get to later and also want to write my crazy brother back and need to stop on the way home to buy some foodstuffs at the grocer's, where we imagine there is a grocer, in an apron, who owns and runs the place, like Mr. Outten did the Fruitland IGA that my mother so loved.

watched Groundhog Day again not too long ago. this time i'm mostly remembering the line (near the end, when it's finally a new day) "Anything different is good." it's a good line, cuz it's all about context--- it's a line that's only true when what's been going on is not good, if only in its repetitiveness. but at that point in the film we know what's not been good for the weatherman, and it's more than the repetitiveness. so the laugh line is also a sort of nod at the long-awaited climactic shift we are just now realizing has happened, catching on extra-quick if we notice that the alarm goes off with a different bit of "I Got You Babe" playing.

it's also a great line cuz lotsa people hearing it recognize what it is to have been in a state in which anything different, or pretty much anything different, is good. then, no matter how unlikable bill's character's been, we are probably gonna be a little extra-pumped he's finally made it out of that jam.

thing is, for all the ways that film still seems a little philosophical gem, with the insistence of the protagonist's plight that he change things about himself that include maybe most of all his attitude, the movie does seem to me to have a little problem in the way it ends with the measure of success that the girl is still there with him---which is, even if a reflection of his changes, not something that's really up to him. in that (badly put) way, it ever so slightly/vaguely undermines (what seems to be) the movie's broader philosophy, and it also turns the character of the woman (played by that actress who annoys me) into less of a character herself. not that she is much of a character herself anyway. but, like, functionally, she is, in the end, more like a machine he has finally put the right input into.

these are just quibbles, but they are quibbles.

okay back to it. a few more hours of it, then some hours of that, and then some what and some other and some such and some who-knows, should i be so lucky as to have at least that many hours coming.
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