'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

a person the size of a cat

My friend was talking about the first time he held a baby, which was recently, and early on the list of what was strange about it was how here he had in his arms a person the size of a cat.  I was anticipating that he was going for that "a whole person, this is a whole person right here" thing, but the size of the cat part cracked me up.  It really did, as Holden Caulfield might add.

There's some kind of theme about children happening.  Some kind of thread of child.  Child thread.  That is to say, I am experiencing a lot of kid stuff lately.  And not all kid stuff is kid stuff.

Spate of weird weather hereabouts.  Big thunderstorm bursts.  Long, rumbly-roiling thunders.  Fat plopping raindrops that seem to speed to the ground.  It'll freeze over again soon; meanwhile, the anomaly.

The online astrologer this week advises me (and the other Cancers) (including himself) to expect to be inundated with feelings, more than I've/we've had in a little while.  Sez "Not bad or out-of-control feelings; just deep and enigmatic and brimming with nuance. How to respond? First, announce to the universe that you will be glad and grateful to accept this deluge. Second, go with the flow, not against it. Third, promise yourself not to come to premature conclusions about the meaning of these feelings; let them evolve."

So okay, I announced it to the air, if not the whole universe, whose earshot is surely outta my vocal range.  But I was just talking about my difficulty in welcoming that sort of flood, or in staying afloat in it, or whate'er the peaceful accepting thing is.  So hard to stay with it when it feels like drowning.  Hell, it's even hard for me to stay with the extended metaphor this long.  :)
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