'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

snow day tomorrow

My office called tomorrow a snow day before it was even dark today. Unusual circumstances, I suppose, since we usually go by whether the schools are closed, and the schools aren't in session. So after one day back at it, I've got another one off.

I had the idea of making cinnamon rolls on the bonus day off, but I think instead I'll make the pizza I was figuring to make one night soon. Not quite completely from scratch---did you know Jiffy makes a pizza crust mix? I did not know this until the other day.

I'll also take the dog somewhere she can run in the snow---she got a little of that this evening in Bert's yard, acting like a nut (with Zach there too), but on her late night quickie outside she made it clear she still wants to run and run in snow and snow and snow, so I'll oblige. Something better than the circles with a 6-foot radius she does on the regular leash.

But mainly, somewhere in there tomorrow, I'm gonna write my old friend who posted to one of those serious disease healing journey website personal pages about her recent cancer diagnosis, and then linked to that on facebook a week or so ago. She's the second person I know who's used one of these sites. She's not updated it since, but she's not the most computer-loving old folklorist folk singer, bless her heart. It sounds like a pretty serious cancer, but at least it's slow-growing. It's very slow-growing.

She's actually a major figure in my life, this woman. It kinda snuck up on me how big she is for me. I mean it snuck up on me in the past few years, after knowing her for most of my life. Before hearing of her ailing I was already thinking I oughta write her again, after a spate of talk of/from double winners during which I kept thinking I wanted to thank her and tell her how I've been doing with a path she's largely responsible for steering me toward, or making it seem I might want to take, and, more to the point, could take. I'd only have to overcome my entire upbringing, as she put it.

She likes acrostics. I'm gonna send her a copy of the acrostic I made for another old friend. As I recall it she used to use them like a drug, solving and solving and solving, one after another.

In other news, as in that, I'm just trying to stay in the moment. Sorta hate knowing it's really hard to stay in it indefinitely, especially if you start thinking about it. So try not to think about it, while being in it? Doesn't sound so hard, does it? If I get on a roll, though, it's as if there's some sort of pressure building. The water's gonna boil sooner or later. Even without thinking about it, I periodically get the sense that something's surely gonna blow. Gotta just keep bringing it back, when it wanders away.


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