'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

laughably so, thus not so low a moment as it might have been

So here on Thanksgiving Eve my new solitaire app keeps being interrupted by a video ad for Fancy Feast that starts out talking about how we're all gathered with our families enjoying food with mmm delicious gravy and doesn't she (fancy kitty cat) deserve some too?  Food with gravy?  I mean, I guess even if they've demographically pegged me as having at least one cat, they haven't pegged me as an old cat lady all by her lonesome but for the four-legged.  Or maybe they think I'm an old cat lady who has grandchildren coming over to eat gravy-covered food tomorrow.

It's been a somewhat tricky holiday for me already.  Time was holidays didn't much get to me.  Maybe this is growth.  Even if, sucks.  I'm heartsick, your correspondent.  Oh, more will be revealed, I know, for it always is, and this is a year during which I have experienced much to be thankful for.  Main thing, gotta concentrate on being good to myself.  I want to have more of that under my belt to be thankful for.  

Meanwhile there are people.  People I like, people I love.  And some four-legged beings about.

And there is speaking the truth, when it is safe to do so, and trying to be more and more where, when, how, and with whom it is.

Maybe I'll play some more solitaire later anyway, despite the cat food.  Funny thing:  my family, on vacation in a cabin in the Black Hills, would sit for hours, at the long counter, each of us playing solitaire.  A curious togetherness.

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