'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I just played a good bit of pool with a guy called Barakatullah.

It was fake pool.  The online kind, in which breast size is a comparatively unimportant element.

Barakatullah's in Belgium.  Google Translate mistook his Dutch for Afrikaans.  I shoulda probably figured that one out myself.  It was hard, though, as the chat thing in the app is a briefly flashing blurb thing, and there's no cutting-and-pasting, so I had to remember words to type elsewhere to translate.

And here now it's twilight and I've once again not used my opportunity to reorganize one of the closets.  Time's up, too--- next are litter box and dog walk and go sit and talk with people.

I did buy myself some gloves, spurred on a little by Lorrel, whose love of shopping isn't exactly contagious, but, hell, she did get me to go to the mall for a pedicure earlier this year, and that's rather a feat.  A feet feat.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Speaking of, need shoes.  Need to buy my inner child some shoes.  Shoes that fit my outer adult.  It's a hybridization.

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