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just another kind of indoor game

The last poem from last week I have to catch up on in my poetry MOOC is "Mending Wall."  I never studied "Mending Wall" before.  Just read it, heard it, read parodies of it, made ref to its lines, etc.  Lived with it, as we do with certain famous sets of lines, or certain lines from certain famous sets of lines.

Here is my favorite part from my first study-read:

                                  I could say "Elves" to him,
           But it's not elves exactly, and I'd rather
           He said it for himself.

Brother Frost, I am so with you.  O for the welcome a-tumblin' down; O for the loving, willing tending to mending.

Meanwhile I fall behind in maths, just as Devlin suggests those of us doing so can take it again next year, in what may be a pair of offerings, with one at a slower pace, for the shlubs and busies.  I flatter myself that I'm more a busy than a shlub.  Schlub.  Shlub.  I mean, I did spend part of the weekend trying to figure out, with gentle coaching, how we figure probabilities and combined probabilities to come up with the roughly 2% chance that all 4 MLB Division Playoff Series would go to 5 games, as they did this year.  I was rather the shlub at that, too, but at least I hung in there, 'til I got it from the ground up my own self.  Via the question of how likely two or three of us are to show up on Monday wearing red.

I'm wearing green.  Forest green with two lighter greens sticking out, in the form of striped long sleeves.  Three greens.

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