'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

This afternoon it seemed so important, and I'm sure it still is.

I wanted to write about Starnes's ominous bit of marginalial wisdom

            You do not know whom you will love

and maybe make mention of how it comes back to me from time to time, and how it's maybe one of the top 25 aphoristic bits, touchstones of my life.  But I was dozey during the ballgame tonight, and I don't even recall the specific hook that took me to her words today.  I can guess easily enough at the general flavor of it.  Maybe it doesn't help that I spoke of it aloud, in some vague and unsatisfying way.

By all rights I should have a cold for my day off tomorrow, after being ill-clad for the bitter wind and bit of cold rain this afternoon on the open plain, and then getting another coupla tastes of the chill later.  I say how I don't honor the proud-Michigander tradition of refusing to turn the heat on until a certain date ("Never before November!", for instance), but I have a reluctance to don the whole winter coat thing.  Heating the house you can pretend a little, maybe.  There's no pretending when you're outside zipped up in gloves and scarf and the warm waterproof boots over thick socks.

I suppose I could drive south until it's 80 degrees out tomorrow.  Just to mess with my head.  Messing with the head via messing with the body.

I don't know anything about what's going on any more, sisters and brothers and genderqueers and fellows.  My fellows.  I like "fellow", in case you haven't noticed.  I know the jolly good fellow is imagined as a guy, but I say we can totally dude that word, too, if you dig me.  Let's dude it.

Let's get other species in on it too.  Hunh, you ask?  Well if we get other species in on it we can say (unto them)

    Birds: dude it
    Bees: dude it
    Even educated fleas:  dude it
    Let's dude it
    Let's dude "fellow"

Whaddaya say, fellas?

Meanwhile if you want to percolate on how we do not know, and we do not get to say, really, whom we will love, whom we love, and how we love, then maybe your percolation will jive with mine sometime in the next little while.  Letting it steep.  They're cooking metaphors I go to with this idea, this set-it-and-forget-it, this notion of putting it out there and then looking elsewhere for a while.  Letting it do its thing.  It's a theme this week, it seems.

Somethin' ain't right.  Bring in the Triforce of Flavor?  Put it on the back burner?  Walk away and see if there's some good take-out you ain't discovered yet?  Where you gonna get take-out that's ---      

   oh, nevermind.  nevermind, fellas.   water.    thirsty.     very thirsty, of a sudden.

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