'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

O's won. It's chilly. It's late. I have a math quiz I have to do by 3 p.m. tomorrow that...

... I haven't done the homework about.  I have watched the lectures, and had a glitch in the substitute quiz structuring cost me major points on the quizzes from one of those (all cuz I wanted to watch on my phone).  Fortunately the scores aren't the point.  They're even less the point that getting the answers or completing the proofs.  In this gig the point is the thinking.  It really is.  My main problem with the thinking is that I haven't been carving out enough time for it.  It takes time.  It takes time and I have a job and things I do on certain days at certain times when I'm not at work and things I do at uncertain times on random days and things like the Orioles playing the Yankees in a playoff series.

Math really could fill up a lot of gaps, if you let it.  It's better than Calgon at taking you away, I put forth, though I confess I may have zero experience with Calgon, unless there was some in my grandmother's bathtub or something.  But we all know you can only stay in the bathtub for so long before it gets too cold, and if you've been luxuriating the tap doesn't produce hot water again fast enough, if there's even any left, to save you making the tub even more cold before the warmer arrives, so then you just decide "Ah, hell" and go ahead and get out, dripping and chilly.

Somewhere in the next fortnight I've also got some 20 questions to play, per an arbitrary choice of personal homework I made.  Just the questions, not the answers.  Fits with the theme.  FIts with something our chorus director said tonight, too, but I don't remember exactly what.  And something else I heard today, something that reminded me of the math like that, and made me lol.

It's been such a long day I actually keep forgetting for big hunks of it, as I'd forgotten to remember this morning, an odd stressor that may well not mean anything but seems to have ripples as if it was a big rock dropping through the surface of the pond, so I guess it is even if the big rock didn't actually drop.  Where did the big rock go?  I dunno.  It is an uncertainty I may be called upon to accept.  Meanwhile it has its chilling effect, when I remember that it does, and when it's reacted to that way.

Really could use tomorrow off.

Maybe I will take a day off soon.

A day off is not so much of a day off as a day off was before I got a dog.

Dang, past 1 a.m.  Without doing much of my homework at all.  See?  It's about time.

Playground rhyme from my youth that never made sense to me (as in What, just cuz it rhymes you have the right to physical violence?):

   It's about time
   It's about space
   It's about time I
   Slap your face


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