'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I think I ate too much of the broken linguine casserole.

I was hungry before I ate it.  Now I have that feeling that I can't imagine being hungry again.

The H-bomb's relatives are on their way to town, but won't be arriving until fairly late.  We're gonna meet up tomorrow.  I got the great-grandad's art together.  Took some pix.  Was gonna post 'em behind a jump here but I think I need to reboot to get iPhoto to recognize that my phone has un-uploaded shots on it.  That happens sometimes.  And I don't feel like rebooting.

Here is a line for a haiku:  

    soft kiss from girl lips

See, it's good cuz it has those short i vowels and the s sounds and the o sounds and the word "girl" in it.

Also there is a kiss.


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