'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's good to be alive.

Or, put otherwise, I'm happy to be here.

What I guess is a relatively cold front seems to have passed, in a few bursts of lightning and a coupla major thunderrumbles.  It's cooler outside the house, but we'll catch up in here before long.  Predicted low tonight:  72;  tomorrow:  53.

At the yard sale I got rid of lots of stuff.  I slashed prices and cut deals like crazy.  Got it down to a box of stuff and the leftover books.  

That reminds me of showing this kid this book of how people had painted fish sculptures installed around Baltimore, back when there was that civic art thing that started, I think, with cows in Chicago.  The kid was identifying for me what the various fish designs were supposed to be, in his estimation.  Some of them made sense but others didn't seem to be coming from the fish at hand, or the associations with it I had. 

I'd like to tell more garage sale stories, abut I'm about to pass out.

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