'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's late Sunday night. I work on the closet and wait up.

Did the major litter box clean.  Started to (re)organize some clothes, what with having clean laundry.  Still need to put away what I've hauled out of that and walk the pup and take the trash out and probably fold the not-quite-completely-dry basket of clothes.  I sat down for a little break and talked on the phone and don't really want to get back up, that's all.

Finished the new Alison B.  The one about her mother.  At the end in her thanks she says her copy editor's work "made me tremble with delight."  And I believe her.

She also thanked her partner for, in addition to her patient support, her "frolicksome companionship".

Neighborhood block party was today.  I stayed 2 hours and they still hadn't taken the group photo.  Host didn't want the photo taken cuz then the group disperses.  I dispersed anyway.  Things to do, dogs to walk, etc.  Where etc. is better than more block party.  Even though there were babies.

Also had a nice long IHOP meal, midday.  Dig the IHOP.  They make a grilled sandwich with pot roast in it.  Is that brilliant or what?  (Answer:  that's brilliant.)

Okay one other thing I need to do, after the other stuff:  jump in shower for a few.  Sweaty; hot.

Wish work weren't coming so early tomorrow.

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