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Here at 2 p.m. on the Sunday following the big peace protests, I go to Google's news page to see how prominently the story is covered. By gum, no mention of it appears on the main page. So I click on "U.S." to see just how far down the list the story appears.

It's 14th! 14th and 15th, actually. Thousands of people in cities all over the country protest the same thing on the same day, and the news comes after news of:

1. the latest in the presidential campaign,
2. progress with war goals,
3. maybe putting Terry Nichols to death,
4. a guy winning $24K in the Indiana lottery,
5., 8., and 12. three stories about the gay menace (2 on the Methodist minister [though under the second one are headlines about the Omaha SUV-motorcycle wreck], 1 on same-sex couples and taxes),
6. the suspension of Atlanta djs for indecency,
7. the Virginia state budget (I shit you not!),
9. a Sacramento atheist activist trying to take God out of the Pledge,
10. beginning of a memorial garden for a child murdered in Florida 2 months ago,
11. special ed. in VT and "No Child Left Behind,"
13. what's expected next at a basketball player's trial.

{Next after the protest stories are three more minor pieces and then, at #19, the recently revealed news that Eisenhower picked out 6 captains of industry to be the government in the event that the Ruskies par-nuked us.}

Bush and Kerry trade light barbs _ indirectly _ in calls to St. Patrick's Day breakfast
MLive.com - 20 minutes ago
BOSTON (AP) -- President Bush and Sen. John Kerry engaged in some lighthearted, long-distance one-upmanship Sunday, exhorting a Roman Catholic priest to save the souls of Republicans and Democrats alike.
Kerry Campaign Has $2.4 Million on Hand

Saddam's in jail, but other goals not met
Springfield News Leader - 13 hours ago
Washington When President Bush announced on March 19, 2003, that the invasion of Iraq had begun, the main justification he gave was that US national security depended on it.»

Oklahoma Bomb Conspirator Faces Possible Death
Reuters - 40 minutes ago
McALESTER, Oklahoma (Reuters) - A state murder trial for Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, already serving a life sentence on federal manslaughter charges, begins on Monday with Oklahoma prosecutors aiming for the death ...

Contestant wins $24000 on ' Hoosier Millionaire '
Indianapolis Star - 10 hours ago

Gay pastor acquitted in church trial
MSNBC - 5 hours ago
BOTHELL, Wash. - A lesbian Methodist pastor said she was relieved by her acquittal in a church trial over her sexual orientation but so were the pastor who prosecuted her and the bishop who filed the complaint.

DJs suspended over sex interview
BBC News - 2 hours ago
A US media company has suspended two radio talk show hosts after a sexually explicit interview was aired live on their daytime show in Atlanta.

Ongoing Budget Talks May Dampen Good Fortunes of Virginia Businesses
Miami Herald - 2 hours ago
Mar. 21 - Virginia business interests came through this year's General Assembly session in generally good shape, but a continuing special budget session of the legislature might ruin their mood.

Methodists say gay pastor can continue ministry
Indianapolis Star - 10 hours ago
Methodists say gay pastor can continue ministry Bothell, Wash. -- A lesbian Methodist pastor was acquitted Saturday in a church trial over her sexual orientation and will be allowed to continue her ministry.
Man Running From Police Kills 3 Motorcyclists--Iowa Channel.com
SUV Driver Kills 3 During Police Chase--New York Times

Vermont Special Education Teachers an Issue in No Child Left Behind
Miami Herald - 55 minutes ago
Mar. 21--CHESTER, Vt. - Changes to the No Child Left Behind act could prove troublesome for Vermont school districts in an area among the most expensive for their respective ...

Pledge case to be heard
San Jose Mercury News - 8 hours ago
A Sacramento atheist's lonely crusade to strike the words ``under God'' from the Pledge of Allegiance is now reaching the US Supreme Court, which finds itself under the nation's microscope as it considers the legality of a patriotic ritual ...

Work on Carlie Brucia memorial garden begins in Sarasota
Miami Herald - 3 hours ago
SARASOTA, Fla. - A memorial garden is being developed in the spot where abducted 11-year-old Carlie Brucia's body was found.

Taxes: From 'I Do' To W-2
Newsweek - 11 hours ago
March 29 issue - As America's 12,000 gay newlyweds get back from their honeymoons, they'll have to face the same reality their straight counterparts do: taxes. But can same-sex couples file jointly? No, according to the IRS. Certainly not if they married ...

Judge to hear argument on Williams bid to dismiss charges
Newsday - 4 hours ago
SOMERVILLE, NJ -- In a typical maneuver when the prosecution rests, the defense for Jayson Williams has asked the trial judge to acquit the former NBA star of all charges.

Millions rally to protest Iraq war
WPTV - 3 hours ago
Anti-war activists in Florida joined in the worldwide demonstrations one year after the start of the war.

Emotions high at anti-war protest
Chicago Sun Times - 8 hours ago
Thousands of anti-war protesters and hundreds of Chicago police watching them clogged two miles of downtown streets Saturday in a peaceful march marking the first anniversary of the war in Iraq.

High achievers choosing community college
San Francisco Chronicle - 7 hours ago
Columbia , Md. -- As Katie Podson's friends headed off to colleges such as Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology two summers ago, they fretted over the path their fellow Mount Hebron High School honor student had chosen. "Katie," she ...

Musical a bridge between hearing and deaf cultures
San Diego Union Tribune - 10 hours ago
VISTA Inside the program notes for the musical "Survival: A New Generation," staged by American Sign Language students, the audience will discover a deflated balloon. It's a sensory aid to help Vista High School's signing students ...

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