'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

too one way a street and other thoughts

In the bullshit framework of astrology, I have a Libra rising, and that explains my desire for balance.  In, like, how I relate to the world.  Like it's not enough that anybody might well want such a thing.  It's true, I want it especially much, or I want it with a consciousness and attention and sense of ideal that may exceed how most others cite the desire among theirs.  It's also true that, when I even manage to note a notable imbalance, I often fail to let that knowledge influence me as a self-respecting person would.

News is, though, I've gotten better at it.

And I know why I don't like to notice it.  I know what hurts about it.  I know why I'd rather go along with it.

I am very happy with a two-way street between me and my associate.  A free-flowing two-way street.  It may be helping me see what isn't a free-flowing two-way street.

Went to a housewarming party today and to a bon voyage night of drinks last night.  It's been a social weekend, and will continue to be so tomorrow, Sunday.  The crazy list of tasks/chores/mini-projects I've put off and was planning to get to during this time, with the break from a particular socializing, ain't gonna get even the majority of its items crossed off.  But I don't care.

And tonight I'm maybe going to bed at a decent hour.

Yeah, I said decent hour.  It happens when you've been on the planet for half a century.  You start using moralistic language.  Apparently.

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