'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

runnin' around Saturday

Headed out with squirrelykat this a.m.; Fleetwood w/her and upsidedownblue; peace marching; whippet visiting; antiques and (new) Trader Joe's. (2 big bags o' quasi-gourmet stuff, $21.52.)

Loved the Raging Grannies at the rallies, before and after the march. They aren't afraid to talk (sing) about money and power. They name names. They have no reverence for hierarchy; they refuse to shush up about class. John Sinclair made an appearance, too---always nice to have a celebrity subversive on hand. Good fun drummin' as well. And all in all a decent crowd, esp. as the skies were threatening. There will soon be an aerial shot of us spelling out "NO WAR" at the Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace website; the tops of the heads of me 'n' squirrelykat will be in the lower right-hand corner of the "N"---we're the good-looking ones next to the stroller.

Now to take a shower, eat something (something, say, quasi-gourmet? perhaps!), and decide whether to go see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a title I can't seem to remember for ten minutes). Could it really have heart?

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