'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

what's up

it's hot outside, first time this year.  humid & low- to mid-80s, i guess.  quite somethin' in the sunshine when you're not used to it.

had voicemail while lunchwalking dog from phys. therapy place.  this is good news.  wanna get that going.

can't seem to think about a whole lot; could use a solid night of sleep.  met some people to work on the chorus program last night.  stayed and talked to one of 'em about her ex- and what's up there.  but that was nothing next to the simple lift i gave somebody earlier in the evening.

leaving work early today for a blood draw.  this might mean i can run an errand and then dogpark the dog and then go to euchre.  i don't think it'll mean i can do those things and make the stir-fry i've had on deck for days.  it's the last euchre tourney of the year.  kinda wanna go.

tomorrow's the day my old friend arrives back in the area, to live.  moving, they call that.  i mean we call it.  i'm one of you, and i call it that too.  except i didn't here.  emphasizing the arrival, i guess it was did that.

can't stop with the odd syntax in my head.  i've stopped myself from putting things oddly all day, including in some of these sentences.

pear slices now, from a jar.  cool.  mouth waters at the thought.

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