'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

another Sunday with an evening nap

Took me a little longer to get to unconsciousness this time.  The dog was good and wored out from a playdate at a little poodle's yard.  Originally I'd thought I'd arise to make a stir-fry kinda maybe thing with tofu and veggies and the crisp kale I got today and maybe peanuts and pineapple and/or the Thai red curry...  Really one of these days I oughta break out into following recipes more often, vs. winging it.  Winging it is good in some ways.  But I might wing it better with more practice at following what's worked for other people. If I can somehow combine that with my own imagination.  I think I store them in different brain places.

Well that was an example of an incoherent paragraph, ha.  

Yesterday the dog ate part of the wall.  She chose to get the plaster-and-I-dunno-what snack from inside a duct vent, thus not doing much cosmetic damage.  I let my buddy crawl in the hairy mess to screw the thing back in, too.  How it can be right for somebody to "do for" me so much, I guess I'm gonna have to find out.

Leg/foot/butt pain continues, along with other knee pain.  I'm pretty fed up.  Had it up to here.  Etc., and so what?  PT arrangements slogged with the run-around last week and thus nothing's in place yet.  Oy and ow; ow and oy.  Over breakfast yesterday tho other buddy and I spoke of observing the pain with the meditative open approach.  Noticing how it moves and changes.  Being with it.  I mean, it's hard not to go to how I'd rather not be with it, what can I do to get rid of it, doesn't it suck that I have it.  Making peace with pain is not an easily inviting sort of peacemaking.

Softball shirt guy was still working on the numbers today, he texted.  Gonna bring 'em to me at work tomorrow.  How'm I gonna play softball this year, y'all.

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