'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

advice from the dead grandfather you never knew, plus YES! that's the word

If you're having trouble peeling the stamp off the envelope, try peeling the envelope away from the stamp.

Just now I was struggling to think of "apocryphal", thinking it started with a "p" or "pr".  I kept thinking of "prophetic" but knew it was wrong.  Katie got it right off, however, much to my brain cells' relief.
[info]wednes, you may be amused/pleased to know that when I typed "fictional" into Google in part of my process of getting to some thesaurus choices (and eventually to playing with the Visual Thesaurus, which we are somehow lucky enough to be subscribed to through my work), Google put your picture at the top of the page, next to a link called "7 personal results".  It seems you're the most fictional person Google knows me to know.  Granted, my Google+ is not well populated, but still.

I told Katie how once, in college, I struggled for hours to come up with "determined".  I had narrowed how I described its meaning to a very precise point, and asked several people for help, and then finally I was asking my friend/nemesis K**** K*****, and she just said "'Determined'?"

I sort of hated K**** K****** while loving her too.  Or maybe I should say I sort of loved her while hating her.  Yeah, I think that's --- no, the first way.

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