'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

This just in: Life causes death

Can't have one without the other.  Absolute one-to-one correspondence.


It's a Monday; I'm working a middle-of-the-day half day just cuz.  Gonna get the dog outside before chorus.  Spent a lot of time outside with her this weekend, and also napped, and regret neither, despite their using up time I'd imagined I'd have been engaged in cleaning up the kitchen.

I also bought shoes at an actual shoe store where an actual person (named William) measured my feet and brought shoes to me and put them on my feet and laced them up.  Once I let myself relax into this treatment, it was grand.  Wished I could've bought all three pair I liked.  Dude knew his shoe stuff, too.  I did splurge on some polka-dotted socks and may go back for the New Balance tennies later.  Stodgey fuddy-duddy--soundin' stability in a shoe is maybe a good thing.  And my old tennies are getting to that point.

It's hard for me to throw away worn-out shoes.  I always imagine they'll be what I put on for going out to do some muddy thing.  For instance.  And, I dunno, there's just something about it.  They're kind of personal things, shoes.  And I do wear them to the point that they can't be donated for resale.  So it's just "Dumpster time?", and the answer to that one feels like "Not just yet" long after it really is "Uh, YES, Lisa."

So I'm going to throw some shoes out this Spring.  That's what I'm-a gonna do.

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