'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I may get to none of the film festival this year.

Not finding myself terribly into it.  The big 50th anniversary year.

Opening night's tonight.  I usually go to opening night.  But I'm not gonna.  I'd rather not.  I'd rather go home.  I'd rather go to bed early.  I'd rather give the dog her last big rawhide and watch "Mad Men".  After taking her out on the long leash so she can run off a little energy.

Right leg problems this past fortnight, with an unpredictablility to go along with the other annoyances.  This seems more nervous and muscular than bone-related.  I guess it's all related.  But I'd like a solution, besides the amputation I joke about.  Won't find out until April, I guess, whether I'm still anemic.  I suppose that could play into it, on the oxygen-to-muscles level of healing.

So tired.  Back to proofing daily box, though.  Non-exchangeable random variables, Archimax coupes and their fitting to real data.

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