'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

hangin out

hung out here (at home) after work last night with lula's first guest dog and her humans--- that went really well, much better'n i'd expected.  hung out here today some with lula's running buddy and her ex-/buddy.  they came to get lu some good exercise as i've had an especially bad day in the ambulation department.  then we just hung.  it's great to have people just come over and hang.  and to have a dog who'll occasionally settle down during that happening.

it's overcast and lightly rainy.  i look outside and recall the bullshit neighbor incident yesterday at lunch, when i came home to find bullshit neighbor with a tape measure in my driveway, and then some bullshit bullshit.  hers is the only foreclosure i'm rooting for resulting in eviction whether it's legal or not.

must say, that confrontation hasn't bothered me as much as i think it once would've.

took a painkiller and debate cooking.  i heard of someone's cooking pad thai, or getting ingredients for it, and remember having cooked that favorite dish, years ago, and it seeming pretty labor intensive.  but that may've been cuz we also made mangoes and sticky rice, and sticky rice is involved.  or takes a lot of time, at least.  i have the stuff to make some potato casserole thing, and it's a good day to heat the oven.  just might pay for standing long enough to cut everything up, and to clean enough of the kitchen to have space to do it and an empty sink.

ah, an empty sink.

katie gave lula a new toy the other day.  it's a winner.  made of a pleasingly rubbery plasticy stuff.  she can compress it and carry it around, and it bounces, and she doesn't get TOO crazy about getting the treats out.  really does seem to entertain her for quite a while.  so i leave you with a picture of it here, thus:


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