'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

word is

this is the week i heard that somebody i used to know is planning to move back here.  i also heard that somebody i know here was/is not happy with me talking about things from that person's past in front of other people.  these ideas are connected in a funny way involving my not remembering whether something somebody else said many years ago was about a situation with the first somebody or the second somebody.  and it doesn't really matter.  it's kind of a koan.  a touchstone of a koan.  there are a lot of rules.

just came back from a little kid play.  had chocolate milk with dinner, perhaps to keep the spirit going.  got a car thing taken care of earlier in the day.  just taking care of business can be so taxing sometimes.  in certain categories in particular.  still haven't messaged the doc; tomorrow, i say.  tomorrow.

official Spring has arrived with decidedly summereal overtones.  i feel overdue not having the screens in all the windows, and the daffodils have only been out for two days.  it was this time last year i got my dog.  so it's our anniversary.  maybe i should take her out to dinner?  we've come a long way, baby.  and have, i hope, a long way to go.

do you know how kindness can smart?  as in be ouchy?  i suppose i have spoken of this matter before.  it seems not everyone knows this thing, but some people know it very well.  maybe it's like cilantro, or the muffin joke, or olives.

if you type "you either like it or you don't" into google, in the q. marks, this evening, the biggest hits are about a motorcycle, a french toast recipe, a handful of vacation destinations, christine lavine, bose speakers, various music, looking at a house from the street, and the voice of "real housewives"' kim zolchiak.

anyway, i have been considering (again, still, anew, with today's mind) this niceness being harder to take than the opposite, and it seems to have something to say.  i've also been considering something else, about hail fellow well met and its coersive function.  yeah, i know i'm not speaking very clearly here.  and that i'm not speaking.
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