'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's going to be 5 a.m. when I get to sleep. Or later.

Don't know where the insomnia came from.  Sure is foggy out there.  Matches me.

Was almost drifting off when the dog alerted me to her trouble digesting stuff.  We went  outside in the fog and I fed her a little tummy soother.  Got on the computer to revise my I'll-be-late estimate to -later, and here I am.

Big day today (yesterday) with the dog--- she visited three parks and the pet store, and swam in the pools of the Huron again, first time since fall.  Today was the day Katie and I (and Lula) were joined at the dog park by Stella, and her dad, and her 4 dogs (Kelly, Annie, Buttercup, and Buttons).  I'd brought my bubbles bear.  Lu had been jumping at and eating the bubbles a lot.  The bubbles drew Stella to us.  Stella's 5.  A puppy named Ollie arrived; Ollie is 5 months old.  "And I'm 5 YEARS old!" Stella observed.  We already knew she was 5, however.  We already knew a lot about her.  Eventually we knew which grandparents were alive and how her dad ate a sandwich in college that had a cockroach in it and that there's a unicorn My Little Pony, from which show Stella had learned that the place people get mud baths is called a spa, and she gave her friend a stuffed unicorn so big that the friend fell over backwards trying to hold it in her arms, and those were brand new sandals today, and Stella doesn't like ants.  Etc.

Little kids and their unselfconsciousness:  wonderful.

The birdies are singing.

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