'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


i started to type "good news" but somehow the cursor ended up down here, and who am i to fight it.  mattera fact, as i was joking earlier today, i'm under medical orders to make no decisions.  the paperwork on going in was to make no major decisions today, but i'm told the exit papers said no decisions at all.  with some interpretation i've managed to proceed about the rest of my weird wednesday following a version of that order.  it's a nice state to be in, ordered not to decide anything.

so the goo(d news) is that i don't have any of the major bad things i had some chance (e.g., "2-10%) of having.  i may be no longer able to take certain drugs, and that could rather bum.  but i'm not getting ahead of myself.  i'm not going to characterize whether that'll be a bummer or settle on whether i think it'll be what happens, cuz i'm under medical orders not to make decisions.

i had the same drug michael jackson had, and the banter just prior to my knocking me out was about that notorious doctor, who they seemed confounded could've been so irresponsible.

it's kind of shocking how well i was treated by medical professionals today.

left in a somewhat introspective state, and still a little fuzzy of head, i don't know what i'm doing here writing, really.  just wanted to say goo, i guess.

my thoughts turn again to the person of my acquaintance who's just had the surgery many people and i call (some variation on) stomach mutilation.  i root for that procedure, barbaric to me, to come to be considered barbaric broadly, and soon consigned to the body of legendary mistaken practices people did in the ignorant medical past.  but, moreover, i root for the person of my acquaintance to come through it okay.  i don't know what the odds are of what complications, and now's not a time i want to consult that.

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