'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

15 seconds of fame, toddler, unspeakables

I saw a teaser tonight for a Detroit TV station's local weather forecast with some "chance to win your 15 seconds of fame." It's interesting it's now seconds, isn't it? I took Andy Warhol's original much-quoted remark to be a way of saying how fleeting fame had become, relatively, in his time, and that if we kept on such a trajectory in the future everyone would (have to) be famous (and it would last) for 15 minutes. Somehow over the years the 15 minutes of fame everyone was to have became a matter of entitlement. Like when and how are you going to get yours. Too bad it's now only 15 seconds, and there's only a chance you'll get it, if you win the TV station thing.

I guess you still get a few hours if you're on certain reality TV shows. But if you're an also-ran on auditions of "The Voice," for instance, it's sometimes less than 15 seconds.

Spent some time this afternoon and evening with a little boy who's not quite 2. He doesn't say much, but you can still have conversations with him. Best of all, when he's delighted by something, his eyes do a crinkley thing and his whole dimpled face wears the joy.

All kinds of little things to deal with, I'm having this week. Involving money & health & inconveniences, such as having to get the car looked at (can't get it in until Monday) and some unsavory testing associated with being anemic. Because of which I'm having to be sure not to eat certain things, or to take NSAIDs, which are pronounced EN-SEDz, if you know to pronounce them as a word, which I never did until very recently.

Augh, it's past my bedtime.

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