'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

bands named after jiz

Bands named after jiz:

(1) 10cc
(2) The Lovin' Spoonful
(3) Jizz

I don't really know there's a band called Jizz, yet I also know there's a band called Jizz.

I'm thinking of jiz because I've been away from it for so long that it was a surprise tonight that my jizzy-lookin' watered-down Trader Joe's Citrus Conditioner reminded me of jiz. Conditioner has reminded me of jiz before (Hasn't it us all?), but not in a long time.

I do hope that my shower treatment of my thin Timberland gloves, bought at Macy's New York the night before Thanksgiving 2010, has replaced the lingering unpleasant smell of the mega-nicely(-as-in-focus-group-nicely) labeled "all-purpose cleaner" by Mrs. Meyer's that I inherited from Ericka when she moved away. My treatment involved one of my favorite smells, from a bottle I found among packed-away things: Vitabath Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gelee, Original Spring Green. It was in a set bought on sale more than a decade ago.

My love of Vitabath Original Spring Green goes back to Denise and her love of the mall. Lorrel loves the mall. I remember malls back east most. Owings Mills, with Steve & EJ & the Denz. Yes, I was alienated from the mall culture even then, but I also partook of it. And partook of their partaking of it. Those malls around Baltimore and D.C. were always getting make-overs of their own. They had their own flavors. There are easily a dozen malls I had a passing acquaintance with, and six or seven I knew fairly well. I remember certain places in them---the housewares just off the escalator, for instance---with a kind of staying/presence that almost in itself verifies the physicists' musings about time not being linear at all.

This impression is undercut somewhat by an experience like watching the movie Clueless, as I've been doing in spurts (but not jizzy spurts) this weekend. That movie is an old movie now, and it's from an era almost at the end of my mall-visiting days. 1995. I had been out of school a long time when that movie happened. I'm now with the folks who have fuzziness on which young-people's-thing goes with which generation after mine.

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