'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Sunday night, not in for the night after all. Or am I?

Thanks to facebook, I was alerted at 5 that it's tonight I have a ticket for the Sundance shorts at the Mich.  If only I'd known when it was time to buy it that today'd be such a glad-to-be-in-for-the-night...  I have half a mind not to go anyway.  Even though that's really not thrifty.  And I'm sure I'll dig at least a few of the films.

Not to mention there's the lesson of Michigan, about going on in the face of something unpleasant.  It's the winter thing.  Up here people go ahead and do things, casual things like evenings of short films, even when they mean digging out a car and shivering and being whipped in the face with bitter wind, and more than once.  We do such things cuz if you don't you don't do anything but work and hunker down (and maybe take yer dog out, if you have a dog) for so long that by Spring you may have forgetten how to do anything else.

Google "infer"s my gender and age based on my browsing history as male, 25-34.  And I swear I haven't been looking for pictures of boobies.

Geez, it's almost dark.  How much do I really like movies?  Besides, I have movies on my hunker-down box in the living room.

I was gonna take a leisurely shower.

I just read the list of movies and descriptions.  They don't sound good.  But they rarely sound good, from the descriptions.  And I have a nice seat, on an aisle fairly far down.

But I just watched the trailer for one.  Not interested.  And looked at a little more about the others.  I'm looking for why I shouldn't go.

It's so wasteful.

I just offered it on facebook.  Couldn't think of a filmy person in particular to call about it.

One film looks potentially annoying for a fattie, even if it's theoretically in the "right" place.  At least two others suggest looking at the darkness of humanity.  Why do I want to look at the darkness of humanity?  I know the answer is something like (a) cuz it's true and it's good to see the truth acknowledged and (b) cuz it could be made really well, but (c) not tonight, dear, and I don't have a headache.  A shower has more appeal than an aesthetic transporting.

This is a very self-loving thing, to waste money and instead enjoy hot water pouring over me.  Yes?  Seems radical to me, anyway.
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